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Our Purpose is always to provide ease for the average surfers online cycling shopping needs by connecting all items about this sight to five different online bicycle stores,which have high quality customer support,and expertise.They have free delivery on purchases over 25.00.Why order online rather than my local bicycle shop?Well just compare, the majority of the items listed here are 25-to 50% under the Physical bicycle shop.Thanks and revel in your browsing experience.

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    Prodeco V3 Phantom X2 8 Speed Folding Electric Bicycle, Matte Black, 26-Inch/One Size
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    Kestrel 105 carbon fibre
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    Kestrel RT 1000 Road Bike
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    Tommaso Cylocross Bike
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    Kona Tanuki full suspension Mountain Bike
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    Marin Quake Downhill Mountain Bike

Mountain Bikes


When Mountain bikes first started being popular is very common to hear both non-bike riders and those that have been riding road bikes for a long time asking why. In the end, except which are more costly models, mountain bikes are frequently quite heavy and cumbersome, and besides, having a couple of exceptions , most metropolitan areas aren't noted for that contains mountain tops!. However,Mountain bikes turned out to be well suited for many individuals. Furthermore, lots of people find Mountain bikes simpler to ride than road bikes, because bikes have lower gears and beefed up brakes that may be utilized if you don't take both hands from the grips. Obviously, you will find reasons for bikes which are not well suited for urban use. However obviously you will find benefits of bikes, as well as their extra strength is an optimistic boon when you are transporting lots of weight in your bike.
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Cruiser Bikes


Cruiser bikes or beach cruiser bikes as they possibly can be often called supply a technique for biking that may be pleasant and really simple. Cruiser bikes for cycling are a great choice for easy-going riding on the road or beach if you like. Cruiser bikes just involve the area in Santa Cruz. A place currently built all around leisure and colorfulness, where even many of the speed-limit signs around the east side say "Chill Out. Cruiser bikes have other functions, which are essential to look at, like the ability to effortlessly switch gears Cruiser bikes ruled as being the countries dominating bike prior to the 1960s, once the cruiser started to lose some of it pizzazz in comparison to the thin-tired, light racing bikes which were meanwhile being released back then.
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Cyclocross Bikes.

Cyclocross Bikes.and Cyclocross racing continues to be quickly rising in recognition herein the United States - featuring a mix of mtb and bicycle racing -along with a few skills unique towards the sport.
along with the return from the Attack Trail following the jump Cyclocross Distinction between Cyclo/Touring?. Well, most cyclocross bikes are made for speed and rough handling. A great cyclocross bike will make an excellent touring bike, however the opposite wouldn't always be true The greatest improvement in the frame design is the fact that 'cross bikes convey more ground clearance underneath the bottom bracket spend "bottom bracket drop" .Beyond that, devoted loaded touring bikes will generally have a lot longer chain stays than 'cross bikes, and much more braze-ons and eyelets for affixing things.A 'cross bike generally route cables on the top from the top tube to facilitate shouldering the bike throughout a race touring bikes vary more with lots of them getting cable guides quietly or bottom from the top tube.Take a look at cyclocross races and occasions including cycling videos in the most enjoyable bike riders around. When the frames began turning up in the local cyclocross races, Yeti was inundated with demands to help make the frame being produced.
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Road Bikes

Road bikes are easy and fast to pedal on roads. Road cycling magazine provides tips on bikes, gear, training and maintenance reviews and tips. Road bikes are designed for paved roads.Road bikes tend to be much more challenging to properly fit than other cycle varieties, and call for some more steps to refine the fit. Road bikes have lower handlebars, thinner tires and lighter weight wheels than mountain bikes for smooth rides on Asphalt.
Vilano FORZA 4.0 Aluminum Road Bike - Integrated Shifters

Bikes For Cycling

Featured Bikes:

Takara Kabuto

Perfect Commuter , the Takara Kabuto includes a strong hand made steel frame with horizontal dropouts that may handle the abuse from the large city. The Kabuto includes a switch flop hub so that you can run it as being a set gear or perhaps in standard freewheel single speed mode without needing to be worried about changes to temperamental components.The 32 hole alloy wheels roll on noisy Kenda 700 by 32 tires that can handle enduring under perfect streets. Front and back alloy side pull brakes complete the specs of the bike which will fit riders 5 ft, 8 inches tall to six ft tall having a standover clearance of 31 inches.

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Pinarello Quattro

Using CFD (Wind Tunnel Testing,Complimentary Methods for Aircraft Design ) analysis,To design Pinarello Quattro discovered that the asymmetry of the front brake causes the air flow around the fork crown to move from left to right under the downtube. By adding a tail to the fork at the crown and reshaping the downtube interface, the air flow has been smoothed out around the brake and fork crown. The ribbing around the headtube and top of the downtube has also been reduced to help with airflow. This increased rigidity in the front end improves braking, cornering, accelerating and sprinting performance.

 Bikes For Cycling Bikes For Cycling

Diamondback Bicycles

Diamondback Bicycles just introduced a brand-new contest known as, The Draft, and the idea is fairly easy: one of you readers out there will win a custom-made Diamondback and an absolutely free excursion which will have you tearing trails on July 21 st, at Diamondback’s 2013 media kick off in Park City. Diamondback Bikes is among those brands that have been encapsulated in the mountain-bike sector nearly since. Diamondback Bicycles was started as a BMX brand in 1978 by Western Coast Industries in Camarillo, California, which distributed bicycles under the Centurion (bicycle) brand name. At the start of its historical past, the emblem brand was "Diamond Back" and over time this modified to "Diamondback" and then to "Diamondback.

 Bikes For Cycling Bikes For Cycling

Tommaso Bicycles

Tommaso Bicycles was launched in 1985 as a road bike brand.

Since then the brand has expanded to include track bikes,fixed gear bikes, triathlon bikes and cyclocross bikes.Tommaso Bicycles is focusing on the environment and thegreen side of producing bikes. The staff at Tommaso Bicyclesride, race and believe in what they make. BOULDER, CO.Tommaso Bicycles in line with its dedication to continuousimprovement has improved and updated its Website,

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Schwinn Bicycles

Schwinn Bicycles gain the headline of Awesome Exercise Bikes as they are constantly revolutionary, superbly designed, durable, cozy and feature a smooth and typically silent operation. Schwinn cycles happen to be a well-known product for many cyclist since 1895. Schwinn cycles were the most favored American brand name for many decades. Schwinn bikes are symbolic of relaxing rides by the seaside and comfy, banana-shaped bike seats. Schwinn bikes are quickly becoming incredibly hot collectible items.

 Bikes For Cycling Bikes For Cycling

Schwinn Men's Prelude Bicycle

Men's commuter road bike with aluminum drop bar frame and Schwinn road fork
14-speed Shimano drivetrain with A050 road shifters
700c alloy wheels
Dual pivot road brakes
Schwinn Quality padded saddle

 Bikes For Cycling Bikes For Cycling

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